$ bin/tlp-stress
Usage: tlp-stress [options] [command] [command options]
    --help, -h
      Shows this help.
      Default: false
    run      Run a tlp-stress profile
      Usage: run [options]
            Consistency level for reads/writes (Defaults to LOCAL_ONE).
            Default: LOCAL_ONE
            Compaction option to use.  Double quotes will auto convert to
            single for convenience.  A shorthand is also available: stcs, lcs,
            twcs.  See the full documentation for all possibilities.
            Default: <empty string>
            Compression options
            Default: <empty string>
          --concurrency, -c
            Concurrent queries allowed.  Increase for larger clusters.
            Default: 100
          --coordinatoronly, --co
            Coordinator only made.  This will cause tlp-stress to round robin
            between nodes without tokens.  Requires using -Djoin_ring=false in
            cassandra-env.sh.  When using this option you must only provide a
            coordinator to --host.
            Default: false
            Additional CQL to run after the schema is created.  Use for DDL
            modifications such as creating indexes.
            Default: []
            Write metrics to this file in CSV format.
            Default: <empty string>
            The data center to which requests should be sent
            Default: <empty string>
            Drop the keyspace before starting.
            Default: false
          --duration, -d
            Duration of the stress test.  Expressed in format 1d 3h 15m
            Default: 0
            Override a field's data generator.  Example usage:
            Syntax: --field.key=value
            Default: {}
          -h, --help
            Show this help
            Identifier for this run, will be used in partition keys.  Make
            unique for when starting concurrent runners.
            Default: 001
          --iterations, -i, -n
            Number of operations to run.
            Default: 0
            Key cache setting
            Default: ALL
            Keyspace to use
            Default: tlp_stress
            Override the driver's default page size.
          --partitiongenerator, --pg
            Method of generating partition keys.  Supports random, normal
            (gaussian), and sequence.
            Default: random
          --partitions, -p
            Max value of integer component of first partition key.
            Default: 1000000
          --password, -P
            Default: cassandra
            Pre-population the DB with N rows before starting load test.
            Default: 0
            Override the cql port. Defaults to 9042.
            Default: 9042
            Override the default prometheus port.
            Default: 9500
            Rate limiter, accepts human numbers. 0 = disabled
            Default: 0
          --readrate, --reads, -r
            Read Rate, 0-1.  Workloads may have their own defaults.  Default
            is dependent on workload.
            Replication options
            Default: {'class': 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor':3 }
            Row cache setting
            Default: NONE
            Enable SSL
            Default: false
          --threads, -t
            Threads to run
            Default: 1
            Table level TTL, 0 to disable.
            Default: 0
          --username, -U
            Default: cassandra
          --workload., -w.
            Override workload specific parameters.
            Syntax: --workload.key=value
            Default: {}
    info      Get details of a specific workload.
      Usage: info
    list      List all workloads.
      Usage: list
    fields      null
      Usage: fields