Following servers are running with CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003 (Core) :      eternal1      eternal2      eternal3      PromGraf

Apache Cassandra

3 node Cassandra cluster cluster_name: 'id_cluster' version : Apache Cassandra 4.0-beta4 running on following servers :      eternal1      eternal2      eternal3

We will configure Cassandra's built in metrics-reporter to extract and publish metrics to Prometheus.
We will also configure Prometheus node_exporter on each of our Cassandra nodes to extract and publish metrics to Prometheus.

Prometheus & Grafana

We will configure and run Prometheus & Grafana on following server :      PromGraf

Prometheus will gather and organize all collected metrics into its internal time-series database.
Grafana will consume the metrics from Prometheus and display them in a nice dashboard.

Prometheus Alertmanager

In future, we should implement Alertmanager