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Rich features to answer your needs

CollectorsData can be pushed in KairosDB via multiple protocols : Telnet, Rest, Graphite. Other mechanisms such as plugins can also be used Learn more »
Storage KairosDB stores time series in Cassandra, the popular and performant NoSQL datastore. The schema consists of 3 column families... Learn more »
Rest API This API provides operations to list existing metric names, list tag names and values, store metric data points, and query for metric data points. Learn more »
Web UI With a default install, KairosDB serve up a query page whereby you can query data within the data store. It's designed primarily for development purposes. Learn more »
Aggregators Aggregators perform an operation on data points and down samples. Standard functions like min, max, sum, count, mean and more are available Learn more »
Tools Import and export is available on the KairosDB server from the command line. Internal metrics to the data store can monitor the server’s performance Learn more »
Client library The KairosDB client is a Java library, using the HttpClient class, that makes sending metrics and querying the KairosDB server simple. Learn more »
Plugins KairosDB can be extended in various ways (data point listeners, data stores, protocol handlers,...) using plugins based on Guice. Learn more »