Have you ever wanted to read about what goes on in the back end of Pinterest, Google, Uber, and your other favorite tech companies?


A great thing about the modern engineering world is many companies are much more open about the solutions they’ve developed. Companies like Google, Chef, Facebook, Lyft, Uber, and more all post about some of the designs and tools they’ve recently developed.

This can act as a lure to attract talent, as an advertisement for B2B customers, and as another avenue to build brand awareness. It also provides insights into creative solutions for big data, machine learning, data science, and programming problems.

If you are lacking inspiration or just need an interesting read, then consider checking out these blogs.

Quora is a great place to go for very diverse engineering blog posts.

They discuss NLP, big data, machine learning, and almost every other buzzword because Quora’s site needs to deal with a very diverse set of NLP problems.

There are so many plausible subjects and questions that finding good questions to show to the right people requires a lot of interesting solutions.

Despite all of the business and ethical scandals at Uber in the past few years, Uber’s engineering blog is a personal favorite of mine.

Uber, unlike many other tech companies, operates in the real world. That is to say, they have to deal with real-world logistical problems. They deal with real-time issues, GIS, pricing, safety of both drivers and passengers, and so many other complexities. They’re forced to be clever. This leads to some interesting posts.

One of our other favorite blogs is Pinterest. Pinterest posts a lot of great infrastructure blogs we really enjoy reading.

For instance, they recently posted “Optimizing Kafka for the cloud”. In this post, they do a great job of describing the problem and their solution. This can help inspire you when you face a similar problem.

Have you ever wondered how one of your favorite media-distribution companies manages to stream so much data to your TV, laptop. and other surfaces?

Think about it: Netflix and YouTube make up the bulk of the data flowing through the internet. Imagine how well of a system needs to be designed to make sure you get your “Stranger Things” uninterrupted at the right time.

Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon spend a good amount on research every year. Imagine if you could get a glimpse of what items they were looking into.

Well, with the blogs below, you can read what Google, Facebook, and Amazon are researching.

Have you ever heard of BlackRock? Some of you have, and others probably haven’t. Wherever you stand, BlackRock is the world’s largest assets manager. It has over $6.5 trillion under management.

A company with this much capital has to spend a lot of time developing better products — especially with fintech companies banging the down the doors.

We already shared Uber’s engineering blog — now it’s time to mention the other recent IPO ridesharing-services blog.

It’s similar to Uber. However, we find it a little more focused on soft skills compared to Uber. There’s nothing wrong with that — we just tend to really enjoy reading the engineering-focused blogs.

If you work for any large company, then chances are you use Salesforce.

This means your company probably needs to pulls from Salesforce’s API. That means it’s important to keep up to date with what new tools Salesforce is releasing — as well as any changes you might need to keep up to date.

Similar to Databricks, this blog is more for people who use or are thinking of purchasing Salesforce.

If you enjoyed these blogs, then check out fulljoin.io.

This site is a search tool that can help you find your favorite data science, programming, and DevOps blogs. It has also aggregated many of these blogs’ articles so you can actually search across multiple blogs for one topic. It’s great and has helped reduce some of our search time.

We do hope you enjoy these blogs.