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This application uses Spring Data Cassandra and DataStax Astra to build a REST API for a backend service that interacts with products and orders.

Open in Gitpod

1. Create an Apache Cassandra DB-as-a-service with DataStax Astra

DataStax ASTRA service is available at url

✅ Step 1a.Register (if needed) and Sign In to Astra : You can use your Github, Google accounts or register with an email



✅ Step 1b. Fill the Create New Database Form : As you don't have have any instances the login will route through the instance creation form. You will find below which values to enter for each field.

  • Initialization Form TodoBackendClient

  • Set the Compute Size: For the work we are doing please use Free tier. You instance will be there forever, free of charge. If you already have a free tier db that you created in a previous workshop (killrvideo) you can reuse it.

  • Select region: This is the region where your database will reside physically (choose one close to you or your users). For people in EMEA please use europe-west-1 idea here is to reduce latency.

  • Fill in the database name - Proposed value dev-workshop-db. You can use any alphanumeric value it is not part of the connection fields. Now it will be part of a file downloaded later and you should avoid capital letters.

With the 3 fields below you can pick any name

  • Fill in the keyspace name - Proposed value todoapp (no spaces, alpha numeric)

  • Fill in the user name - todouser. Note the user name is case-sensitive. Please use the case we suggest here.

  • Fill in the user password - todopassword. Fill in both the password and the confirmation fields. Note that the password is also case-sensitive. Please use the case we suggest here.

  • Launch the database. Review all the fields to make sure they are as shown, and click the Launch Database button.

👁️ Expected output


✅ Step 1c. View your Database and connect : View your database. It may take 2-3 minutes for your database to spin up. You will receive an email at that point.

👁️ Expected output

Initializing TodoBackendClient

Database is ready TodoBackendClient

2. Copy your credentials from your Cassandra instance

✅ Step 2a: Click on Manage Organization at the top navigation

👁️ Expected output Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 9 24 13 AM

✅ Step 2b. Go to actions, and click manage organizations on the right side of the screen:

👁️ Expected output Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 9 25 03 AM

✅ Step 2c. Go to the top and click add service account

👁️ Expected output Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 9 25 29 AM

✅ Step 2d. Then click the logo to copy your credentials.

👁️ Expected output Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 9 25 50 AM

✅ Step 2e. Once you have copied your credentials, click to Open in Gitpod:

The credentials is a Json String that look like:


3. Run the application in Gitpod

✅ Step 3a. Click on the button below to open gitpod *(the cookie have to be enabled or you have to navigate to here)

Open in Gitpod

✅ Step 3b. Once your gitpod workspace has loaded paste your service account credentials and enter in the bottom of the screen

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 9 28 42 AM

✅ Step 3c. After entering, open this link in your browser: http://localhost:8081/swagger-ui/

The application is now started.

4. Use the Application

TodoMVC is a fabulous community contribution that helps developers compare frameworks on the basis of actual project code, not just claims and anecdotes. TodoMVC is an immensely valuable attempt at a difficult problem - providing a structured way of comparing JS libraries and frameworks.


✅ Step 4a. Test TodoBackEnd Spec Runner : Locate the spec runner and use the endpoints of your application it should look like where you substitute your own gitpod instance id and region.


👁️ Expected output TodoBackendOuput

✅ Step 4b. Test TodoBackEnd Web Client : provides a client to work with the API. As before pick one of the endpoints listed before and try the client. TodoBackendClient

👁️ Expected output TodoBackendClient