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Cassandra Data Modeling Best Practices for efficient JOIN operation of Cassandra tables in Spark layer

Optimizing Spark SQL JOIN statements for High Performance


Cassandra + Spark + Elk

Using ELK (elasticsearch + logstash + kibana) to aggregate cassandra and spark logs

Data Processing with SMACK: Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, and Kafka

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Spark Integration Architecture for Restaurant Data

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Aggregate operations on Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API tables from Spark

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Spark SQL cassandra delete records

How to log in Apache Spark, a functional approach

How to log in Apache Spark, a functional approach

Data Pipelines with Spark & DataStax Enterprise

Third Contact with a Monolith: Part C - In the Pod - Instaclustr

Pick‘n’Mix: Cassandra, Spark, Zeppelin, Elassandra, Kibana, & Kafka - Instaclustr

Leaderboard @Dream11

Introduction - Setup lambda architecture example

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SnappyData, MemSQL-Spark & Cassandra-Spark: A Performance Benchmark

A Brief History of the SMACK Stack

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Introducing FiloDB

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JanusGraph: Distributed graph database

Streaming Analytics with Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and Akka

Real-time Customer 360 (Matt Stump, Vorstella) | Cassandra Summit 2016

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How NerdWallet and BlockCypher are Building Data Platforms

GraphSense - Blockchain Analytics

Report Number Three (Cassandra, Spark and Solr)

Fourth Contact with a Monolith - Instaclustr

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From Cassandra to S3, with Spark

Alluxio Mesos Meetup - SMACK to SMAACK

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SMACK Stack 1.1

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Distributed Graph Database

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