Python Flask + Cassandra

I was recently working on few things which needed the use of Cassandra. I have only worked with Cassandra on JAVA, which you all might agree(if you have used JAX-RS or made any service on JAVA) is a tedious and bulky task.

I have been using Flask for most of my applications, it’s lightweight and it’s easy to develop and deploy quickly on Python.

So let’s start with the things we need:

  1. Cassandra – you can get the Download and Install directions from Datastax.
  2. Python 2.7

I work on a Mac so I have 50% of things already installed. And for the IDE I am using PyCharm

So let’s create our Flask app first

mkdir TestCass && cd $_
virtualenv tenv
source tenv/bin/activate
mkdir views && mkdir models

Don’t forget to add to views, models, and TestCass directory. It should look like this at the end

Now install cassandra-driver

pip install cassandra-driver

I know no one likes to read so I have uploaded a video on Youtube and pushed the code to github.

Youtube –

Github –