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NoSQL Database Built on Apache Cassandra | DataStax

by John Doe

Search through our library of code and applications to help you get things done faster with DataStax and Apache Cassandra.Visit Our GitHub Example RepositoryAsk a QuestionGo to DevelopersFeatured ExampleSocial Media App using React, JAMStack and Astra DBA simple Tik-Tok clone running on Astra DB that leverages the Document API.Learn MoreDatastax Most Popular ExamplesSpring Data Astra DB REST APIThis application uses Spring Data Cassandra and DataStax Astra DB to build a REST API for a backend service that interacts with products and orders.Learn MoreBattleStax, a JamStack + Astra DB WorkshopBattleStax is a stateful JAMStack game that is wholesome fun for the entire crew.Learn MoreToDo App using JAMStack, Netlify, and Astra DBThis is an example React To-Do application using a DataStax Astra DB free tier database.Learn MoreNetflix Clone using GraphQL and Astra DBLet's code a Netflix Clone with GraphQL Pagination!Learn MoreSocial Media App using React, JAMStack and Astra DBA simple Tik-Tok clone running on Astra DB that leverages the Document API.Learn MoreGetting Started with Python + Astra DBThis sample Python backend provides a REST API service that is used with the Getting Started with Astra UI to show a simple example of how to connect to and query DataStax Astra DBs.Learn MoreNext.js and Astra DB StarterA sample Next.js + DataStax Astra DB starter app that integrates Astra DB with Next.js.Learn MoreGetting Started with Java + Spring + Astra DBThis provides an example REST backend built in Java using Spring Boot for use with the Getting Started with Astra UI.Learn MoreReactive PetClinic, using Spring WebFlux and Astra DBThis sample is a fully reactive version of the Spring PetClinic application using Spring WebFlux.Learn MoreBuild an Astra DB RPGThis example is a simple RPG application that allows you to add skills and allocate skill points to them, gaining you experience and levels as a result.Learn MoreAstra DB and Gatsby.js StarterCreate a React.js, Gatsby application that reads data from DataStax Astra DB using GraphQL.Learn MoreAstra DB LoomLoom is a thread based chat server, where users can send messages to one or more threads via hashtags (ex. I'm heading to the park at noon #family #friends #frisbee_club ).Learn MoreBuild a Website Scraper with Astra DB + PythonLearn how to scrape websites with Astra DB, Python, Selenium, Requests HTML, Celery, & FastAPI.Learn MoreLoading Data into Astra DB with DataStax Bulk LoaderIf you're trying to load data into Astra from a CSV file or from an existing Cassandra table, then you've come to the right place. This example shows how to quickly load data into Astra DB usin...Learn MoreNextJS Fullstack TutorialCreate a fullstack NextJS app while following along with the tutorial video and blogpost from Eddie Jaoude.Learn MoreAI as an APITrain a ML Model and turn it into an Rest API using Astra DB, Keras, and FastAPI.Learn MoreSpark Migration Tool for Astra DBMigrate data from an existing Cassandra cluster to Astra DB using a Spark application.Learn MoreGoogle Cloud Functions + Astra DB using Node.jsThis example shows how to use Google Cloud Functions with the Node.js DataStax Cassandra Driver to set up a basic REST API for a Cassandra database via HTTP Endpoints.Learn MoreGlitch and Astra DB StarterJumpstart your next React/Express prototype with this starter!Learn MoreTelco Billing AppAn example of a telcom app dashboard, built with React and Netlify.Learn MoreReact Native Todo List, an Astra DB + Netlify WorkshopA workshop where you build a React Native Todo application using DataStax Astra DB.Learn MoreBetterReads Spring AppCompanion code for the Java Brains "code with me" series that reads data from DataStax Astra DB.Learn MoreNetflix Data ExplorerLaunch Netlfix's Open Source Data Explorer in Gitpod and connect to your Astra DB instance!Learn MoreAstra + NodeJS StarterBootstrap your next NodeJS app with an Astra integration.Learn MoreJetBrains Astra DB PluginA Jetbrains plugin that allows you to connect and explore your data on Astra DB or any Apache Cassandra cluster running with Stargate.Learn MoreUsing Stargate Documents API to build a TimeSeries DB APIA sample app that shows how the Stargate Documents API can be used to build a TimeSeries DB Abstraction on top of AstraDBLearn MoreNuxtJS + NestJS Fullstack TutorialCreate a fullstack NuxtJS + NestJS app while following along with the tutorial video from Eddie Jaoude.Learn MoreFastSiteFastSite is a no-code tool to generate content-driven websites. It leverages the power of modern JAMStack and cloud-native technologies.Learn More

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