Gatling DSL support for Apache Cassandra CQL


Basic Gatling DSL for Apache Cassandra CQL, prepared statements are supported as well

class CassandraSimulation extends Simulation {
  val keyspace = "test"
  val table_name = "test_table"
  val cluster = Cluster.builder().addContactPoint("").build()
  val session = cluster.connect(s"$keyspace") //Your C* session
  val cqlConfig = cql.session(session) //Initialize Gatling DSL with your session
  session.execute(s"""CREATE KEYSPACE IF NOT EXISTS $keyspace 
                      WITH replication = { 'class' : 'SimpleStrategy', 
                                          'replication_factor': '1'}""")
  session.execute(s"""CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS $table_name (
          id timeuuid,
          num int,
          str text,
          PRIMARY KEY (id)
  //It's generally not advisable to use secondary indexes in you schema
  session.execute(f"""CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS $table_name%s_num_idx 
                      ON $table_name%s (num)""")
  //Prepare your statement, we want to be effective, right?
  val prepared = session.prepare(s"""INSERT INTO $table_name 
                                      (id, num, str) 
                                      (now(), ?, ?)""")
  val random = new util.Random
  val feeder = Iterator.continually( 
      // this feader will "feed" random data into our Sessions
          "randomString" -> random.nextString(20), 
          "randomNum" -> random.nextInt()
  val scn = scenario("Two statements").repeat(1) { //Name your scenario
    .exec(cql("simple SELECT") 
         // 'execute' can accept a string 
         // and understands Gatling expression language (EL), i.e. ${randomNum}
        .execute("SELECT * FROM test_table WHERE num = ${randomNum}")) 
    .exec(cql("prepared INSERT")
         // alternatively 'execute' accepts a prepared statement
         // you need to provide parameters for that (EL is supported as well)
        .withParams(Integer.valueOf(random.nextInt()), "${randomString}")
        // and set a ConsistencyLevel optionally
  setUp(scn.inject(rampUsersPerSec(10) to 100 during (30 seconds)))
  after(cluster.close()) // close session and stop associated threads started by the Java/Scala driver


  • Get a release TGZ
  • Unpack into Gatling folder: tar -xjf GatlingCql-3.0.0-release.tar.gz -C gatling-charts-highcharts-bundle-3.0.3/
  • Run Gatling and you should see cassandra.CassandraSimulation in your simulations list

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