Splunk Cassandra Connect



  • pycassa 1.7.2

    • Installed in {app}/bin/pycassa
  • CQL 1.4.0

    • Installed in {app}/bin/cql

Running the application

Start Cassandra Cluster and verify listening on 9160

Inspecting Cassandra

Launch the Cassandra CLI

./cassandra-cli --host localhost

Get listing of available keyspaces:

show keyspaces;

Initial App Setup

edit {app}/bin/setting.py
set Cassandra Host and Port
## Note v.Next will have UI setup for multi cluster
Install universal forwarder on all cassandra nodes 
Add a splunk forwarder and this entry to /loca/inputs.conf
Verify logs are coming into the casslogs index
Run {app}/bin/python dbschema.py and verify keyspace config shows up
Run {app}/bin/python dbdiscover.py and verify all Column_Families show up

Commands Info

[dbcql] dbcql.py USAGE: dbcql {query} # A query may consist of multiple expressions. We execute each of # the expressions in order and output the results from the final # expression. The primary scenario is: # # "USE {keyspace}; SELECT * FROM {Column_family} WHERE {Conditions}"" #

[dbinsert] dbinsert.py Usage: dbinsert {cfpath} {key} {fields} # cfpath must be Keyspace.Column_family notation

[dblookup] dblookup.py Usage: dblookup {cfpath} {key} # cfpath must be Keyspace.Column_family notation

[dbschema] dbschema.py USAGE: dbschema << None OR Keyspace OR Keyspace Column_Family # Can use No parameters for cluster, a Keyspace or a Keyspace Column_family # dbschema ## Returns all schema information on cluster # dbschema {Keyspace} ## Returns all schema information for Keyspace = schema1 # dbschema {Keyspace} {Column_family} ## Returns all schema information for Column_Family

[dbgetkeys] dbgetkeys.py Usage: dbgetkeys {Keyspace Column_Family} # Must be run with both elements Keyspace and Column_family # Returns a complete list of Row Keys in format Keyspace,Column_Family,Key

[dbdiscover] dbdiscover.py Usage: dbdiscover # Collects all keyspaces and column_families on the cluster in
# keyspace=system,column_family=schema_keyspaces format

Configuration Verification

| dbcql "create keyspace test with strategy_class='LocalStrategy'"

| dbschema

| dbcql "use test; create columnfamily test (KEY varchar PRIMARY KEY)"

| dbschema test.test

| dbinsert test.test user_id "johnsmith,jsmith"

| dbcql "use test; select * from test"

| dbcql "use test; select * from test" | search jsmith | stats count

| dbcql "use test; drop columnfamily test"

| dbschema test

| dbcql "drop keyspace test"

| dbschema