dualwrite-cass-docer: Docker images that bootup 2 clusters(cass 2x and 3x) at same time.

Avaliable commands

DualWrite-Cass-Docker: by Diego Pacheco
bake                 : bake the docker image for Cass 2.x and 3.x   
run                  : run 2 Cass clusters(cass 2x and cass 3x)     
stop                 : shutdown all dockers instances and network   
status2x             : nodetool status in all cass 2x nodes         
status3x             : nodetool status in all cass 3x nodes         
cql2x                : cqlsh in first cass 3x node                  
cql3x                : cqlsh in first cass 2x node                  
memory               : Show how much memory each cass node is using
ssh                  : SSH/Bash Cass Node. i.e: ssh 3 1 for cass3x node 1 - ssh 2 1 for cass2x node 1
count                : Count how many records in Cass 2x and 3x     
schema               : create same schema for cass 2x and 3x        
truncate             : truncate table TEST from cass 2x and 3x      
info                 : show info about cass 2x and 3x topology


In order to use it we need bake 2 docker images - just 1 time.

./dualwrite-cass-docker.sh bake


Run will bootup 2 cass clusters(2x and 3x)

./dualwrite-cass-docker.sh run
./dualwrite-cass-docker.sh run


When you are done just run stop - docker network will be destroyed and 2 cass clusters too.

./dualwrite-cass-docker.sh stop