These are template projects that illustrate how to build Spark Application written in Java or Scala with Maven, SBT or Gradle which can be run on either DataStax Enterprise (DSE) or Apache Spark. The example project implements a simple write-to-/read-from-Cassandra application for each language and build tool.


Compiling Spark applications depends on Apache Spark and optionally on Spark Cassandra Connector jars. Projects dse and oss show two different ways of supplying these dependencies. Both projects are built and executed with similar commands.


If you are planning to execute your Spark Application on a DSE cluster, you can use the dse project template which will automatically download (and use during compilation) all jars available in the DSE cluster. Please mind the DSE version specified in the build file; it should should match the one in your cluster.

Please note that DSE projects templates are meant to be built with sbt 0.13.13 or newer. In case of unresolved dependencies errors, please update sbt and than clean ivy cache (with rm ~/.ivy2/cache/com.datastax.dse/dse-spark-dependencies/ command)


If you are planning to execute your Spark Application against Open Source Apache Spark and Open Source Apache Cassandra, use the oss project template where all dependencies have to be specified manually in build files. Please mind the dependency versions; these should match the ones in your execution environment.

For additional info about version compatibility please refer to the Spark Cassandra Connector Version Compatibility Table.

Additional dependencies

Prepared projects use extra plugins so additional dependencies can be included with your application's jar. All you need to do is add dependencies in the build configuration file.

Building & running


Task Command
build sbt clean assembly
run (Scala) dse spark-submit --class com.datastax.spark.example.WriteRead target/scala-2.11/writeRead-assembly-0.1.jar
run (Java) dse spark-submit --class com.datastax.spark.example.WriteRead target/writeRead-assembly-0.1.jar


Task Command
build gradle shadowJar
run (Scala, Java) dse spark-submit --class com.datastax.spark.example.WriteRead build/libs/writeRead-0.1-all.jar


Task Command
build mvn package
run (Scala, Java) dse spark-submit --class com.datastax.spark.example.WriteRead target/writeRead-0.1.jar


  1. The above command example are for DSE. To run with open source Spark, use spark-submit instead
  2. Also see included example script which runs all combinations

Running Integrated Tests

Integrated tests have been set up under a test task in each build system. To run the tests, invoke the build system and then launch test. These tests demonstrate how to run integrated embedded Cassandra as well as Local Spark from within your testing environment.

Currently only Scala Testing examples are provided.

These tests should also function inside IDEs that are configured with the ability to run the build system's tests.


The code, examples, and snippets provided in this repository are not "Supported Software" under any DataStax subscriptions or other agreements.


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