DataStax Enterprise (DSE)
on the AWS Cloud
Quick Start Reference Deployment


Costs and Licenses

use. To use the Quick Start to build a production environment, you’ll need to acquire a


DSE Data Centers and Nodes

Specialized Knowledge

Technical Requirements


Deployment Options

Deployment Steps
Step 1 . Prepare Your AWS Account
If you don’t already have

Step 2. C reate a DataSt ax Academy Account

rt. You’ll be prompted for your

Step 3. Launch the Quick Start

If you’re deploying

nternet. You’ll also need the domain name option configured
. You’ll be

Check the region that’s di

Launch Launch

you’ve created for your copy of Quick Start assets

you’ve created for your copy of Quick Start assets

. When you’re done, choose

This deployment uses nested stacks. In addition to the root stack, you’ll see a VPC stack


If you don’t see the complete cluster, as illustrated in Figure 2, see the

Step 4 . Test the Deployment


Step 5. Back up Your Data


page.) With this setting, the stack’s state will be

, you’ll continue to

you’ve finished troubleshoo

The stacks all report CREATE_COMPLETE, but I don’t see my cluster in



We recommend that you launch the Quick Start templates from the location we’ve

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