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Welcome to BattleStax, an online party game that you can enjoy with your friends. BattleStax is implemented as a JAMStack app that uses Stargate, Netlify, Astra, and GitHub to demonstrate how to build and deploy an application using modern, scalable architectures.

In this 3 hour workshop you will create your own BattleStax game using React and Redux implemented with a CI/CD pipeline, global CDN network, and Apache Cassandra all using FREE tech.


ℹī¸ Housekeeping

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It doesn't matter if you join our workshop live or you prefer to do at your own pace, we have you covered. In this repository, you'll find everything you need for this workshop.

đŸ’Ŧ Chat with Discord*

Join our discord room The Fellowship of the Rings to chat with the team and meet our 6k+ community there.


❓ Quizz with Mentimeter

This workshop is INTERACTIVE. Not only you interact with the speakers through questions but there is more:

  • We want to ask you some questions


  • We want you to mark when the exercise is complete


  • We want you win some SWAG with some competitions and live QUIZZES


To do so we are using Mentimeter. To play with us follow the instructions below. The code is 99 02 07 7. You can also open this link in a new tab.


🧑đŸģ‍🤝‍🧑đŸŊ The Crew

The materials has been prepared with live with our great team


🗓ī¸ Table of Contents

All the tutorials and readme files are on the master. Start there and then follow each step to get everything hooked up. Get a look at all branches here

  • Bootstraping
  • Step 1 - Serverless
  • Step 2 - Implement a Serverless Data API
  • Step 3 - Client and State Management with Redux
  • Step 4 - React stuff
  • What's NEXT ? (not the framework 😈)

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BattleStax JAMStack Workshop

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