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microservices infrastructure

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Runs On Any Cloud

No vendor lock-in. Mantl runs equally well on any provider, saving you time and energy.



A diverse set of technologies and tools allows you to pick the ones that fit your needs.


Data Solution

Integrated tools like Cassandra, Spark & Hadoop make Mantl great for Big Data.


Integrated Cloud Services

Service discovery, secret storage, load balancing, logging and more available right out-of-the-box.


Connecting Containers

Run your services efficiently with multi-data center configuration and virtual networking tools.


Easy Provisioning

Deploy and manage infrastructure with ease using integrated tools like Terraform & Ansible.


Designed for DevOps

Easy to install and set-up, Mantl has been designed with DevOps in mind.


No Vendor Lock-in

Runs on any cloud vendor allowing for seamless integration and low costs.


Code Portability

Infrastructure that allows code and apps to be deployed pretty much anywhere.


High Availability

Built-in services support 100% uptime for all your systems and applications.


Curated Experience

All components are validated in advance to save you time and reduce project risk.


Built-in Security

Keep your network secure without having to worry about tricky configuration.

Mantl Use Cases

Mantl is used to solve DevOps, business and team challenges.
Here are some of the primary use cases.


Happy DevOps Teams

Putting together the number of inter-operating components required to run a modern container-based application can be overwhelming, to say the least. By utilizing best-of-breed tools at each layer of the stack, Mantl provides an out-of-the-box experience for DevOps teams working in a microservices environment. We’ve written the glue code so you can focus on what really matters: writing, deploying, and securing seriously great apps.


Data Analytics

Demand for Big Data is growing and we need to discover new and efficient ways of supporting, securing and analyzing it. This calls for a whole new set of tools that can help you manage clusters of hosts, services and access, keep watch on uptime and health and get some useful data to improve overall performance. Mantl takes advantage of open source management components like Apache Mesos to run data services such as Hadoop or Spark, which can easily be deployed with mantl-api.

“Mantl means that developers aren’t forced to care about how their applications are run; but if they do care, they can get under the hood and configure everything”

Kenneth OwensCTO, Cloud Infrastructure Services Cisco