Cassandra Data distribution and replication Part-2.

Refer Cassandra Consistence hashing part-1 using below link.

Cassandra : Cassandra Data distribution and replication

In part-1 we have seen data distribution and replication.

In part-2 you’re going to learn different types of data distribution architectures present in the Cassandra.

We must ensure that the data is evenly divided across the all nodes in the cluster.

This can help to maintain the load balancing and healthy cluster.

As per Cassandra distribution and replication no two nodes share the same token value with in the same datacenter, even if they are in different datacenters.

What is Token?

Tokens are hash values that partitioners use to determine where to store rows on each node in the ring.

Cassandra having two types of data distribution architecture.

  • Single-token architecture (Manual Nodes)
  • Virtual Nodes architecture(V Nodes)

Single Token Architecture Nodes.

Single token architecture nodes can capable to allow the multiple tokens and responsible for store the data according to tokens allocated for that node.

Using the below parameter value we can configure the Single token architecture nodes in a cluster.