Aiven Database as a Service | Your data cloud

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Aiven Database as a Service | Your data cloud
Aiven Database as a Service | Your data cloud

Aiven provides fully-hosted and managed cloud database and messaging services on all major cloud providers across the globe.

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Our services are trusted by over 300 companies

Get back to your core business in 10 minutes


10 minutes. And a few button clicks. That’s all it takes to set up your fully-hosted and managed Aiven services.


Our services run on highly-available, dedicated VMs that are encrypted at rest and transfer. Are you ready to get back to your core business?


Used alone or in an integrated manner, our premium open-source services cover all of your database needs.

  • The enterprise streaming platform, our cloud Kafka plans are highly-available and full-featured.

  • The fastest cloud PostgreSQL on the market. With advanced features and high-availability plans.

  • Elasticsearch is best for full-text search and log management. With Kibana and high-availability plans.

  • A distributed NoSQL database, Aiven Cassandra offers scalable and high throughput data storage.

  • An in-memory NoSQL database, Redis is offered in multiple plan sizes, including high-availability

  • A time series database, Aiven InfluxDB is best used as part of our service integrations.

  • Visualize your data in real-time with Aiven Grafana. Integratable with other Aiven services.

  • We regularly add new services that compliment our cloud database hub.

Why choose Aiven?

With us, you have unparalleled freedom and flexibility to tailor your services to your needs, not ours.

That means you can freely migrate between cloud providers and scale Aiven’s secure, open-source services when you need.


“Having Aiven run our Kafka environment gave me the peace of mind to focus on our core problem space rather than operating infrastructure.”

Setting up, deploying, and updating your database infrastructure isn’t measured in days but months. With us, you can accomplish all of this in minutes.

With our managed and hosted solution, you can now redirect your focus on the products and services that actually provide value to your customers…and add to your bottom-line.

As your cloud database hub, you can get multiple services from one vendor, one platform. Where you once had to manage multiple vendor relationships, you can now focus on one.

End-to-end security

All of your data running through Aiven services is encrypted at transit and rest. We also firewall all service nodes and only allow connections from IP addresses that you specify.

Worry-free setup and maintenance

After launching your services with the push of a button, we handle all maintenance operations, including updates and replacement of non-functional nodes with new ones.

100% service level guarantee*

We are committed to providing services with 100% availability. If we fail to meet that commitment, we offer service credits up to 30 times the outage period.

Aiven services around the world

Aiven provides a lot of flexibility and we’re keen for them to help us build a bespoke managed service package to suit our needs.

Aiven gives us the ability to scale services to the same cloud and region as our own deployments while maintaining ease-of-management which has been a breakthrough experience.

Aiven's Grafana and InfluxDB have made it very easy to manage our stateful systems from our otherwise stateless container based servers.

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