About us
We're a startup specializing in applying Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to solve problems across a number of exciting industries. Our Document Intelligence Platform helps companies make smarter, faster & more informed decisions by by classifying, extracting, enriching, and integrating, their most useful data. As a team we value diversity, creativity, new ideas, and a willingness to learn.
We are looking for a Full Stack Developer / Web Engineer with a passion and history for building performant and beautiful web applications (inside and out) to help lead development of our flagship cloud-based web app.

What we’re looking for
Here are a few things that we need you to be good at: Python 3.5

  • Django

  • MySQL, Postgres

  • React

  • Flask, Celery, Nginx, SQLAlchemy, Redis

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment CI/CD Modern CSS, pre-processors, polyfills, etc

  • Modern JavaScript and related tooling ES6, Webpack, Babel, etc) RESTful API design and implementation, RPC, Pub/Sub Test-driven Development TDD, PyTest, Sentry

  • Code organization, performance, and security best practices

  • Micro-service architecture, design, and communication GIT, Git-flow, Github/Bitbucket

  • Agile Workflow - Clubhouse or JIRA

  • Confluence

And these will score you some bonus points if you have some knowledge and experience of them:

  • Node.js, Elixir, Ruby/Rails, and other languages/web app frameworks NoSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, RDBMS

  • VueJS, Angular and other JS Frameworks

  • Amazon Web Services EC2, S3, RDS, Aurora, Lambda, Batch, Cognito, Secrets Manager, etc) and Microsoft Azure Azure Active Directory / Identity Management, Azure Storage, Azure API Management, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions / Serverless, etc.)

  • Familiarity with Docker Containerization), Infrastructure Orchestration / Automation (e.g. Terraform)

  • Object Oriented CSS/Bootstrap/SMACSS

  • Python application scaling issues and best practices

  • Some experience with Machine/Deep Learning, AI, etc.

  • Agile development experience

In addition, we’ll likely get along really well if you:

  • Constantly reflect on code reuse, readability, shareability, and modularization (humor is not the only thing you like DRY

  • Feel mildly ashamed when QA finds a hole you didn't think of (i.e. you test your own features before considering them "done”)

  • Are a developer at heart, but a pragmatist in practice

  • Care little about the buzz in AI and web app development and are more driven by finding new solutions to challenging problems

What you’ll be doing
We are using natural language processing, machine learning, and AI to solve some of the most interesting and challenging problems facing the enterprise world today. As a full-stack developer / web engineer, you'll be working directly alongside our Director of Engineering, Director of AI, CTO, and CEO to envision, architect, and deliver the future of our product. You'll have the chance to integrate state-of-the-art machine learning/AI into tools meant for high volume everyday use. Our engineering team is only a handful of people, but it is the heart of everything we do, so you’d be coming in near the ground floor with a chance to contribute to our flagship products.

Still here? Good.
If this sounds like a good fit for you, we want to chat. Please include links to whatever credentials or sample work you prefer to share (e.g. résumé, portfolio, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc).