Why is the ResultSet not same for insert and select queries

Author: Manu Chadha

Originally Sourced from: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57238885/why-is-the-resultset-not-same-for-insert-and-select-queries

When I use session.execute in cassandra, I notice that the ResultSet's structure is different for the same table. If I am querying the table to get a record using Where, the ResultSet contains the data fetched from the table.

val resultSet = session.execute(whereClause)


ResultSet[ exhausted: false, Columns[year(bigint), month(bigint), 
    creation_time_hour(bigint), creation_time_minute(bigint), 
    question_id(uuid), question_description(varchar)]]

But if I use Insert, I get something totally different.

ResultSet[ exhausted: false, Columns[[applied](boolean)]]

Is this expected behavior? Is there a way to get the data "inserted" by cassandra in the table in the ResultSet returned by execute method?