What exactly is a partition size in cassandra?

Author: srk

Originally Sourced from: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67200611/what-exactly-is-a-partition-size-in-cassandra

I am new to Cassandra, I have a cassandra cluster with 6 nodes. I am trying to find the partition size,

Tried to fetch it with this basic command

nodetool tablehistograms keyspace.tablename

enter image description here

Now, I am wondering how is it calculated and why the result has only 5 records other than min, max, while the number of nodes are 6. Does node size and number of partitions for a table has any relation?

Fundamentally, what I know is partition key is used to hash and distribute data to be persisted across various nodes

When exactly should we go for bucketing? I am assuming that Cassandra has got a partitioner that take care of distributed persistence across nodes.