Does a FeedResponse contain results from a single logical partition?

Author: Abby

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I've been using Azure SDK for .NET (with core 3.1) client to query collections by calling GetItemQueryIterator() on a container.

I’ve observed that the FeedResponses returned by the FeedIterator returned by GetItemQueryIterator correspond to physical partitions, but I haven’t found any confirmation of this in the docs.

Can someone confirm that:

  • If a partition key value isn’t specified in the query, the FeedIterator will return a FeedResponse for each physical partition in the collection?
  • And that if a partition key value is specified, the FeedIterator will return only one FeedResponse with results from the physical partition holding the specified logical partition?

If the above statements aren't true, are there any guarantees or not about the relationship between partitions (logical and/or physical) and FeedIterators and FeedResponses?