Cassandra Connection Pooling

Author: Pavan Kumar Patil

I wanted to create Cassandra as datasource on application server which will have connection pooling capacity similar to OracleDataSource. Is this feature supported on any of the application servers?

My application will be deployed on 2 nodes, as of now I am creating a static 1 cluster on each node and getting 1 session created per keyspace I want to add the connection pooling capacity to this setup. I got to know that there is an option to set he connection pooling using PoolingOptions.

cluster = Cluster
session = cluster.connect("keyspace");

Below are my doubts

  1. How to dynamically increase/decrease the number of connections.
  2. My requests are synchronous requests at max how many requests can be severed from each host simultaneously.
  3. Whether increasing the number of connections on 1 node will affect the connection on other nodes? as data center being used by both the nodes is same.
  4. What is the default pooling mechanism provided by cassandra

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