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Assign CosmosClientOptions.ApplicationRegion based on user's location in Blazor web assembly project

Author: Ashish

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I am using Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.Client for connecting cosmos database from blazor web assembly project. My Cosmos database has multiple read regions, i.e South Korea (base location) and Japan East(Read region).

I want my blazor client application to load data from nearest cosmos database location. For that I was hoping that cosmos database automatically routes request to the nearest server, but it was always loading data from South Korea. To solve that I tried to specify CosmosClientOptions.ApplicationRegion property with fixed value like code below:

            CosmosClientOptions clientOptions = new CosmosClientOptions()
                ConnectionMode = ConnectionMode.Gateway,
                ApplicationRegion = Regions.JapanEast // need to set this property dynamically based on users location
                //ApplicationPreferredRegions = new List<string>() { Regions.JapanEast, Regions.KoreaSouth } //Also tried this, but always loading from Japan east even if accessed from South Korea

            client = new CosmosClient(Credentials.EndPoint, Credentials.ResourceToken, clientOptions);

In that case it always load data from Japan East server. I also tried setting LimitToEndpoint = true property but couldn't get myself much clarified on it.

Any suggestions?