Android -CosmosDB : AzureData.getDocument() API call fails to return document

Author: Chandra

I am trying to integrate Cosmos DB in the android app using AzureData client lib

I've successfully configured AzureData.Configure() and also created a database. However, I am unable to access the document from the existing collection using the API AzureData.getDocument().

This API is returning the error

  "message":"Entity with the specified id does not exist in the system"

Could someone please help me with suggestions in this regard

The psuedo code is given below:

            PermissionMode.All /* or PermissionMode.Read */

var isconfigured =  AzureData.isConfigured // true

                   " collectionId",
                    var document = it.resource // return null
                    var error = it.error // returns error 

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