Cassandra Toolkit

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A hand-curated and tested list of tools that we recommend for building, managing, and monitoring Cassandra clusters.

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Maintained by Rahul Singh of Anant. Feel free contact me if you'd like to collaborate on this and other tools. Please take a look!


  • Tableanalyzer /

    • A python based cfstat data anlyzer with a future in being able to visualize other Cassandra / Distributed platform stats.
  • Tablesnap

    • Tablesnap is a script that uses inotify to monitor a directory for IN_MOVED_TO events and reacts to them by spawning a new thread to upload that file to Amazon S3, along with a JSON-formatted list of what other files were in the directory at the time of the copy.
    • To install and configure tablesnap follow Install tablesnap for AWS S3 backups section in dseauto/ansible/cassandra/ document.
  • node_exporter

    • Prometheus exporter for hardware and OS metrics exposed by *NIX kernels, written in Go with pluggable metric collectors.
    • To install and configure node_exporter follow Install node_exporter for exporting node metrics to prometheus server section in dseauto/ansible/cassandra/ document.
  • Cassandra Reaper

    • Reaper is an open source tool that aims to schedule and orchestrate repairs of Apache Cassandra clusters.
    • It improves the existing nodetool repair process by
      • Splitting repair jobs into smaller tunable segments.
      • Handling back-pressure through monitoring running repairs and pending compactions.
      • Adding ability to pause or cancel repairs and track progress precisely.


  • Rahul Singh - Concept, Curator, Creator of tableanalyzer
  • Sean Bogaard - Concept, Advisor, Curator
  • Ion Olaru - Testing, Documentation of 3rd Party Tools

Eventually we want compatability for the following items:

DSE 4.8.xDiagnostic TarballY
DSE 4.8.x/C* 2.1.xNodetoolY
DSE 4.8.x/C* 2.1.xSSHY
DSE 5.1.xDiagnostic TarballY
DSE 5.1.x/C* 3.1.xNodetoolY
DSE 5.1.x/C* 3.1.xSSHY
DSE 6.7.xDiagnostic TarballY
DSE 6.7.x/C* 4.0.xNodetoolY
DSE 6.7.x/C* 4.0.xSSHY
AWS MCS?TarballY



Cluster Management

Snapshot strategy (future changes)

  1. Take / keep a snapshot every 30 min for the latest 3 hours;
  2. Keep a snapshot every 6 hours for the last day, delete other snapshots;
  3. Keep a snapshot every day for the last month, delete other snapshots;